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Our Projects

* We have many writtent scripts for short films, full features and mini series such as our Fallen By Choice mini series project.


In production 2019, Documentary :
Sustainable housing Documentary, about first nations, living in rural areas of the North American continent.

In proiduction 2019, Music video writtent and produced by us :
Brother's by Pierre-Andre Sigouin

In production 2019, Music video demo :
Sheli Stevens.

In production 2019, Working in association with
Cine Excess North America on the Canada Bay Re-Visited documentary.

2019, so far two submissions for more music video's, stay tuned :-)

Summer 2019, producing our short film:
Guilty Of Life. (Auditions to be held soon)!

2019, other applications for documentarie's, stay tuned

* End of summer 2019, booked to do some footage in Costa Rica and other areas of South America.
 Shooting the spheres of Costa Rica, Nasca Lines and other Archeological sites of interest, for our Documentary on
Ancient Advanced civilisations.
 The drone is coming everywhere we go, however will remain in the storage compartment of the plane while we fly over! :-(

We Write Scripts

All projects are created in
Final Draft, the industry standard.

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