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Our full feature documentary:
(Gii Zhitoon da Wiigwaam)
She Builds her home

Winner Best Social Justice impact (Phoenix shorts 2021)
Best Feature Documentary December (Port Blair International Film Festival 2020)
Winner Best Featrure Documentary January (Uruvatti International film festival 2021)
Winner Best Feature Documentary February ( Gona Film Awards 2021)
(New wave film fesrtival 2020)
Semi Finalist
(Canadian Cinematography Awards 2021)

Our First scripted short film,(Fallen by Choice) won best debut short at the New Age Cinemas & Scripts awards, 2021.
Also Our Music Video, (Brothers) with singer composer Pierre-Andre Sigouin was semi Finalist at the Phoenix Film Awards 2021.


See what makes us the perfect choice
Montreal up and coming LOW BUDGET production company.



The Fallen-By-Choice team has been seasoned in the film industry; we are practiced and innovative in our approaches — we can help with creative writing, creative directing, and complex storyboarding. And with all of the results captured with crisp professionaly stabalized 4K-Digital video equipment, our team can ensure that you stand out from the crowd.

If you are looking to:
Get away from the same old style, we can help with creative writing, creative directing and complex storyboarding.  And… all of it is captured with crisp 4K-Digital video equipment with the best stabilization equipment. We are what you are looking for.

Be sure to stand out and step away from the crowd with our creative team.



Our team is committed to providing the
best production services on a budget.
Why do we own most of our own production equipment instead of renting it? Because we seriously love to play with new equipment. And because this is how we can ensure the best price and quality for even our shoestring-budget customers.

But of course we are no less willing to outsource extra film and studio equipment to match your project's needs, whether it be for aerial footage, corporate-training videos, music videos, commercials and product enhancement, event-filming, interviews, or actor demos —
whatever you need, you come first!



Video production and budgets differ for every client. Whether you're looking to produce a television commercial or require a videographer to cover your event or convention; let our creative team put together a comprehensive quote for all of your video production needs.

Colorist: Seperate quote, depending on resolution/size of final product.
Aerial footage:
Separate quote, adapted to your needs.
Big-bucks saver: 1-man crew, event filming - no edit.
Micro-budget: 1-man crew, project filming, sound and footage edit.
Small budget: 2-man cew, project filming/sound no diting.
2-man crew, storyboarding, scripting, filming/sound, and editing.


Let us know what combination best fits your needs.
Tell us about your project, and we will have a quote for you within 24 TO 48 hours, depending on the complexities of the project.

We also edit and color correct your video's, with Adobe CC and Davinchi Resolve.


At Fallen By Choice Productions, we have always believed that if you are going to make all the efforts of filming the perfect visual and sound scenes, make sure it conveys what you want to accomplish and  that its a story worth telling, weather it's a small :10 sec ads all the way up to features, it must have a good script.  

The ideas and content are first written down and organized in a structured way so that capturing that all important visual image will be done correctly and efficiently.  

All too often, even big budget movies, fail at the script level. What is a story without a story? It's not a story at all, might as well look at a public internet feed camera.  Our point is that if you want to be effective in what you want to communicate on screen, make certain your script conveys what you are trying to accomplish in the scenes. If you don’t have a plan or a script let us help you with our creative writing.


The In House Equipment

* Black Magic Raw 4K or Pro Rez depending on your needs.

* Full HD and up to 4K editing capabilities. (Special effects)

* Personal or broadcast ready footage (Color grading).

* Full lighting package, up to 6 point

* sennheizer professional mic's, recorded on an external unit, for
  all your sound needs.

* Gimbal stabilization on all of our shots.

* Steadycam Vest, for steady
  cinematic shots on the move.

* Drone
aerial shots, to enhance any production.

* 15' x 10', portable, framed green screen for special effects, other back drops for the perfect interview.

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